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Garden Maintenance

Our Garden Maintenance service is here to help you enjoy your garden all year round. We have a team of experienced people who are dedicated to providing hard work and care to your outdoor space. From lawn cutting to lake and pond maintenance, our flexible and reliable service can make sure your garden is looking its best.

Fence Installation & Maintenance

We offer professional fence installation and maintenance services. Our experienced team can install a wide variety of fences and gates, and we guarantee a prompt and tidy service. We also offer regular maintenance services to ensure your fence remains secure and looking great.

Garden Clearance

We provide a comprehensive garden clearance service, ensuring your garden is tidied and looking its best. Our professional team will take care of all your garden waste, leaving you with a clean and well-maintained outdoor space.


We offer professional tree and shrub planting services to help your garden flourish. Our experienced arborists will ensure that your trees and shrubs are planted correctly and with the utmost care, giving them the best chance of a healthy and long-lasting life.

Hedge Trimming and Removal

Hedge trimming involves the removal of annual growth from your hedges or conifers to make it easier to maintain the area in which they are situated, as well as maintaining an aesthetically pleasing shape. Hedge trimming is recommended once a year to maintain the best shape. Leaving it longer results in more expense due to the need to use chainsaws instead of hedge trimmers.

Emergency Call Out & Storm Damage

Our Emergency Call Out Service provides prompt, safe and secure solutions for any tree-related emergency. Our team of experienced tree surgeons can provide an efficient and tidy solution to any tree emergency, including storm damage. We are committed to providing a service that respects the environment, ensuring the safety of your property and the surrounding area.

Gutter Clearing

Our Gutter Clearing service helps to keep your gutters clear from any leaf build up or roof debris. We offer a thorough and safe cleaning of your gutters, removing any debris to ensure they are functioning correctly. Contact us today to benefit from our professional gutter clearing service.

Friendly Advice

Our friendly team of tree surgeons are always ready to provide helpful advice to our customers. We take great care to ensure that all of our customers are satisfied with the advice we provide, and are available to contact at any time.

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