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Our Services

JT Services is the premier choice for all of your tree care needs. We provide reliable and professional services that are guaranteed to be both tidy and experienced. View our full range of services below.

Tree Pruning & TPO

Our tree pruning service is the perfect way to keep your trees healthy and secure. We have the expertise and experience to work safely and cost effectively, whilst preserving the environment. Our team can help with any Tree Preservation Orders, and will ensure you get the necessary approvals from your local council. With our experienced and professional team, you can trust that your trees will be cut back safely and securely.

Stump Grinding

With our 28 inch wide grinder we can get into the narrowest locations.

Why not let us deal with those big beasts for you.


We can fell trees as one, if the environment allows it, or we can dismantle trees in sections using modernised techniques to keep your surroundings and site safe.


Pollarding techniques are usually used to prevent trees from growing out of control and maintain the trees balance.

Frequent (annual) pollarding can contain root growth and help prevent damage below ground from expanding root systems.

Crown Reduction

A crown reduction is making the overall crown of the tree smaller by reducing the amount of foliage on the crown to reduce size and clear out the inner crown.

All our work is carries out to industry standards and guidelines.

Crown Lifting

Crown lifting is a service offered by tree surgeons which involves removing the lower branches of a tree to increase the clearance from the ground and reduce the overall weight of the tree.

This process can help to improve light and air flow, as well as offering a more aesthetically pleasing look.

We offer a professional and safe service to ensure the job is done right.

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